nagels healthcare is dedicated to providing intelligent healthcare products and solutions. Hospitals, medical care centres/laboratories and GP surgeries all benefit from our innovative products and approach. Known for the quality of its products, nagels healthcare is the right choice for optimising document management and ensuring clear and consistent patient identifi cation is achieved. As a specialist for medical print solutions, our partners consider us to be a competent and dependable
partner in this sector.
Take advantage of our know-how and trust in our many years of experience, we understand the importance of product and patient identifi cation ensuring a truly world class service to our partners.

Application areas

As a full-service provider, we supply an extensive range of products to meet the demand for intelligent healthcare solutions.


From patient documentation, traceable sample & pathology labels to a wide range of operational print and labelling, we have the right solution for you with the added benefi t of easy on-line ordering.

Medical care centres / laboratories

Our intelligent products optimise efficiency and traceability resulting in fast and secure patient sample processing and analytic reporting.

Doctors’ practices

We provide an extensive range of special products adapted to the individual requirements of medical practices. Whether you need office supplies or special healthcare forms: our experts will help you determine your needs and guide you through the ordering process.

Why nagels healthcare?

The long-term functionality and quality of our products is key to the success of our customer relationships and the prerequisite for the perfect operation of your systems. Throughout the manufacturing process, we work in accordance with ISO standard 9001 and guarantee the
best possible quality of our products.
To further increase our offering, we are working towards ISO certifications 14001
(environmental management standard) and 27001 (information security management). For
each application area, we can assist in the manufacture of new and bespoke solutions
or provide existing product lines to meet your specific needs. With our QRFT approach
(Quality Right First Time) for the manufacturing and delivery process, we ensure that you
always receive the highest quality from one of the world market leaders.

We are at your disposal as a comprehensive solution provider for products ranging from
medical contract-specific application and invoice forms through the secure identification of
samples with specialist barcode labels, to professional printing of reports and findings. We
will also advise you in the best selection of suitable transport packages for your medical

In the area of medical print products, our experts provide you with professional and
practice-oriented advice. Our customers can rely on our experienced sales team with onsite
support as needed. Whether you need help with the development of medical order
forms or individual labelling solutions, our team will be happy to advise you.

In addition to the excellent quality, the functionality of our products as well as our excellent
service and friendly support for each individual customer, we also focus our activities on
the environmental effects of printing media.
That is why our team procures materials from sustainable resources with chain of custody
certifi cation, provides FSC®-certified products whenever possible, and is continuously
working to reduce our carbon footprint, for example through the use of sustainable energy
at our production sites.

nagels healthcare - Your first choice

nagels healtcare offers intelligent solutions for various areas of healthcare. Based on our know-how, we offer highly reliable products, tailor-made for your system. We will gladly advise you and look forward to your contact.

Members of nagelsgroup - more than just tickets

The nagelsgroup consists of highly specialised companies with the common goal of steady and sustainable growth. Each of our companies is faithful to our core principles while maintaining its individuality. This enables us to react flexibly to the diverse customer requirements and actively assist in shaping the various global markets. With an established reputation as an innovative and solutionoriented print company, nagelsgroup products support the workflow of areas such as parking, public transport, leisure, access control, and healthcare.

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