nagels healthcare –

the medical identification specialist

The credibilty of your hospital or laboratory lies in the quality, speed, precision and reliability of your service. The clear identification of patients and their sample material in administration and diagnostics is an essential part of this. nagels healthcare supports you in your daily pursuit for perfection in your work through all stages helping to secure the high standard and security of this sensitive process from order placement to the transmission of the analysis results. Many years of experience in production and support, a high level of know-how and the steady functionality of our products contribute to your organisation´s success. As an independent business unit within the nagels portfolio, nagels healthcare presents itself as your competent full-service partner and consultant regarding intelligent identification solutions for Healthcare.

Efficient solutions for every field

  • Medical laboratories

    We support and optimise your operational processes with intelligent products and thereby ensure an efficient analysis for a quick transmisson of results.

  • Clinics

    We offer an efficient document management for all operational organisation processes in hospitals and clinics.

  • Medical practise

    We supply an extensive range of special products that are adapted to the individual requirements of medical practises. Whether it is office supplies or special forms for the healthcare sector: Our experts support you in the identification of your needs and guide you through the ordering process.

Trust as a factor for success

Transparency and quality awareness are expected in hospitals and laboratories. Creating trust already starts with the clear identification of employees towards patients and customers. In the classic process of analysis, validation and findings it is important to work quality-conscious and according to the applicable standards to strengthen the trust you have gained. Also, in the external presentation as well as in the information transfer the highest professionalism is essential to be positively remembered. nagels healthcare contributes towards this aim with sustainable solutions.