Z-Band patient wristbands

Patient wristbands have a life-relevant meaning in the hospital. They are not only used to identify the patient in order to avoid medical errors, but also to support the hospital staff in correct medication (drug, dose and dosage time) and the patient management.

As a Zebra partner, nagels offers you a wide range of white and colored Z-Band wristbands in different sizes (for example for infants or adults).

All Z-bands are antimicrobial and easy to use. They also have excellent print quality and durability.

Special features:

  • Direct thermal printing without ribbon – no patient data on ribbon waste
  • Durable print image – resistant to alcohol, solvents, water and soaps
  • Self-adhesive – easy to handle
  • Antimicrobial varnish coating
  • Latex-free, BPA-free, MR-safe
Zebra ZD510-HC mit Cartridge


The ZD510-HC is a spezialized wristband printer with PrintSecure and replaceable cassettes for the healthcare. The disinfectant and UV resistant casing of the ZD510-HC withstands regular cleaning processes with harsh chemicals and UV light, which increases patient safety. The power supply of the ZD510-HC is also suitable for medical purposes as it conforms to the IEC 60601-1 standard.

Special features of the Zebra ZD510-HC:

  • Two-year standard warranty
  • Extremely compact, quiet running
  • Disinfectant and UV resistant
  • Easy media cartridge replacement
  • With the Print DNA software suite, your printer is ready to go quickly and comprehensively secured


Zebra’s LaserBand is a direct printable patient wristband. On preprinted sheets, patient card labels and wristbands are printed at the same time on a single sheet. This simplifies the patient admission in the healthcare. The LaserBand can be positioned on the wrist by healthcare staff. The self-laminating seal protects the wristband from moisture and hand sanitizers, so patient data is preserved and the wristband can be used for even longer.

Special features:

  • Print sheets are available perforated for attachment to patient cards and medical records
  • Adhesive-free zones around form edges and punched holes prevent printer jams and reduce costly printer maintenance
  • Enables rapid deployment of a barcode wristband solution without the need of a separate printer for the wristbands. Existing hardware can be used
  • Tamper-proof thanks to self-adhesive closure
  • Available in adult, child, infant sizes and in one format for labor and birth
  • Latex free

Registration of the patient in the hospital

Registration of the patient in the hospital